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Registration Information

Rochester MN Senior Softball Registration Form

McQuillan (summer)

2022 Registration form (PDF)

2022 Registration form (Word)

The 2022 fee will be $48. Players who are 80+ years old during the calendar

year pay half price fee of $24. Board members and Managers also pay the half price fee of $24. The fee covers the 40 scheduled games plus picnics. A per session fee of $12 is also available. New players paying for the full year ($48) receive an RMSS baseball cap. 

The following options are available to submit your form and payment. 

  • ·        You can print your form and snail mail it to Ernie.  Pay via cash or check

  • ·        You can email your completed form to Ernie and pay via Paypal – all electronic option

  • ·        You can fill out a printed form and drop it off at a Dome ball game or practice. Pay via cash or check.

  • ·        You can fill out a form and drop it off at a McQuillan outside practice. Pay via cash or check.

  • ·        You can fill out a form and drop it off at our April 13 Board meeting at Charlies Eatery and Pub between 1230 and 2 pm.  Pay via cash or check.

There will be printed forms available at Dome days and outside practices.  We do not know when the Dome season will end and we switch to outside practices at McQuillan.  Dome times are Mon 8-1030am and Wed 8-1130am.  Outside practices will be Mon and Wed time to be determined.  Watch for updates via email and our web site. 

Click to get the form in PDF or Word format
2022 Registration form(PDF)

2022 Registration form (Word)

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