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Senior Softbal

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Player Directory

This is our player pictorial directory where you can put a name with a face.  All paid players have a spot and we reserved spots for players we we have heard from and anticipate will be joining us soon. If we haven't heard from you and your status is unknown, we still want you back but we didn't hold a spot for you.  Every effort was made to keep players listed alphabetically per our list early in 2017 Session 1.  Due to formatting restrictions players who joined mid-season 2017 and beyond are shown at the bottom.  Regardless of the order you should be able to scroll through the pictures and find a picture for everyone or our generic RMSS player picture for those with missing pictures. 

5/14/17 Update:  The Player Directory went live this weekend.  We are still missing a few player pics, players without pics are using the generic RMSS player picture provided by Duane Petersen.  Catch Mike Ewen at an upcoming game to get your picture taken is you are in the land of the missing.  

6/15/18 Update:  New 2018 players have been added but as mentioned above they are at the end of previously added 2017 players.  If you are looking for someone, remember to scroll through all the pictures. 

Bob Adams
Jay Adams
Dave "Andy" Anderson
Dave "Weindog" Anderson
Warren Bandel
Ray Barnett
Larry Batterson
Bill Beaupre
Don Benike
Glenn Berry
Bruce Borgschatz
Gordie Borner
Kerm Bitz
Ben Borgen
John Bowron
Chuck Brand
Ed Butler

Curt Callstrom

Phil Castrovinci
Milo Chaffee
Jim Chihak
Bob Conway

Jim Cook

Denny Dodge
Casey Doe
Lois Douglas
Mike Ewen
Dave Fallon
Jim Favre
Dan Fitch
Orlie Freidrich
Terry Gaard
Bob Gaffron
Bill Gosse
Dick Gosse
Ken Granle
Jim Grant
Dave Haagensen
Bob Hake
Matt Halleck
Scott Hanson
Gordie Haubenschild
Merv Henke
Kevin Herzog

Bob Hewitt

Colleen Hoeft
John Homme
Bob Horstmann
Bob Hubert
Joe Jennison

Randy Kahl

Kevin Kann
Tim Klein
Joe Koerner
Tom Kowalewski
Jerry Krantz
Larry Kruger
Rod Lanners
John Lawrenz
John LePage
Joe Loos
Tom Lundin
Robert Mark
Dan Meyer
Neil Melquist
Jim Mickelson
Bill Miller
LoRi Morrissey
Steve Murray
Kenny Nelson
Gerry Nelson
Barry Oakland
Rocky O'Dell
Gary Oldenburg
Steve Osborn
Jeff Osum
Del Overton
Rich Page
Duane Petersen
Herb Poeschel

Bobette Pronk

Jim Renn
Dave Rice
Dan Richter
Jim Roth
Mike Rud
Dwight Ruff

Lefty Schoenmann

Tom Schreiber
Greg Schreck
Barry Shaffer
Tony Speltz
Leroy Stolberg
Warren Shuros
Bill Sutter

Gary Thomas

Patric Thusius
Bill Traetow
Bill VonWald
Dave Warnke

Deb Warnke

Al Watts
Doug Weincouff
Jeff Wells
Will White
Clayton Whynaught
Bob Wiles
Dave Zemke
Polly Schoeneck
Craig Anderson
Lois Krippendorf
Denny Gilgenbach

Gordie Carpenter

Ernie Hain

Pete Christiansen

Benji Mahle

Bruce Stubstad

Steve Foley

Al DeLacey

Don Gardner

Tim Nolden

Don Sprout

Melisa Doe

Todd Holtorf

Terry Johnson

Gregg Kropp

Jim Lepore

Garth Pederson

Philip Sample

Ron Sanders

Rick Schafer

Steve Sherdon