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Sat May 22 2021

Comming events (approximate)

  • 2-June:  Draft for session 2

  • 7-June:  Last (position) games Sesion 1

  • 4-June:  Rosters on Web

  • 5-June:  Schedule on Web

  • 9-June:  Session 2 start


Thu Apr 29 2021

The website is moving

The current ISP/Web development environment vendor; WEBs is moving to a different platform. This change has prompted a switch to a new vendor; WIX. The transition of the website will occur over the next month or so. There will likely be some inconvenience during the change, but I will do everything I can to make sure the information you need is available.

Stay tuned.

Joe Koerner

Website/technology director


Sat Feb 06 2021

Hopefully 2021 is more promising - No Guarantees 

We expect to continue using our COVID-19 Pandemic Protocol at least until the end of June or the rest of the summer. For right now our league will start on Monday May 3rd & end on Monday September 27th, hopefully for a total of 40 games. 

While there will be a continue risk of contracting COVID-19 and hopefully most of us can be vaccinated. We believe softball being a outdoor sport and we follow COVID-19 protocols, that Senior Softball can be safe as possible 

Please check out everything on our website and our league is looking forward to seeing everyone out on the softball field - spread the word, all are welcome! 

Randy Kahl RMSS Coordinator


Wed Jan 20 2021

Dome Season is under way.


Mon Jul 06 2020

For 2020 all players must have signed a registration form documenting they have read and will follow the RMSS COVID-19 guidelines as documented here before participating in any RMSS practice or game.  The COVID-19 guidelines are also available under the More tab.

The first RMSS practice will be Wed. July 8th & continue on Monday July 13th & Wed. July 15th, starting at 8:30 AM.  You will be able to register at one of the practices.

The deadline for registrations is 11am on Wed July 15

We will determine the number of teams based on player registrations.  On Wed. July 15th we will have a draft (players & teams) after practice. League games will then start on the following Monday, July 20.  We plan to have 2 sessions this season.

We need a volunteer for an Assistant (Field) Coordinator.  This person is responsible for field/equipment set up and take down and other  game day field activities, such as pool player assignments

Practicing before game time is your option, just be ready to play 15 minutes before the game starts. Batting practice, limit 10 balls per batter, sanitize balls etc. Game time, on deck player picks up batted players bat by barrell & returns it to the batting rack. If the pitcher or anyone else decides to move the pitching screen, they need to sanitize the area touched. Please look over the COVID-19 plan again, before playing!

We will have a player league meeting before the first official game starts.  All board members & myself will be out front to go over details.

If we end up with only 3 teams due to numbers, the board has approved a option for playing similar to one used at Dome Ball.

Play 3 games per day (each team plays 2 games)

Games at 9,10,and 11

No new inning after 50 minutes

Play 2 innings, 2 innings, then 1 thereafter (flip flop-team on defense would stay out for 2 innings)

All games on Field 3- batting practice for 1 team on Field 3, 1 team on Field 4, for the 9am game.  The team with their 1st game at 10am can use Field 4 for warm up/batting practice.  The team not playing at 11am can use Field 4 for warm up/batting practice.

Thanks for being patient during this ongoing pandemic.

Randy Kahl

RMSS Coordinator


Sun Mar 15 2020

Based on the ongoing and increasing Coronavirus (COVID-19) urgency and measures being taken at a World-Wide level, your RCTC Dome Directors are cancelling the rest of the dome season starting on Monday - 3/16/2020 until further notice. 

We fully agree that this the responsible and prudent action to take especially considering the ages of our players. The Directors will keep you aware of any new RCTC Dome happenings.

BUT - the news is not all bad and Spring Ball and recruiting for players will start soon. Here are some key dates pertinent to Spring and Summer Ball. We can use your help in the recruiting efforts and results which will determine if we have 6 or 8 teams to start the season.