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Rochester MN Senior Summer Softball League

Rochester MN Senior Softball (RMSS) is a spring/summer league open to men and women players. Men must be at least 50 years old, and women players must be at least 40 years old during the playing season.  Our focus is on fun, fitness and fellowship. 


Games are played on Monday and Wednesday mornings at McQuillan fields in southeast Rochester, on Marion Road.  Normal start time is at 9:30 AM with optional batting practice at 8:30 AM.  Start times are occasionally modified slightly, due to weather or field availability.


The season is separated into sessions.  Players register as 

individuals, then are drafted and assigned to teams for each session. This minimizes the chance that a single team dominates the other teams.  It also accounts for player availability based upon new players, injuries, vacations, and work responsibilities.  It also promotes fellowship as the team rosters change each session. The dates for each session are included on the General Calendar (under the More tab) and reflected in the Games Schedule page. The Events/News page records our mid-season picnics and other celebrations in addition to general news items. 

We will have 6-8 teams for the 2023 season.  The 2023 season will run from May 1 through Sept 25 with 4 sessions of between 9   

and 11 games and a total of 40 games.​



1: May 1 to May 31 - 9 games

2:  June 5 to July 12 - 11 games

Picnic on July 12

3: July 17 to Aug 16 – 10 games

4: Aug 21 to Sep 25 – 10 games

Picnic on Sept 25

The 2023 fee will be $48. Players who are 80+ years old during the calendar year pay half price fee of $24. Board members and Managers also pay the half price fee of $24. The fee covers the 40 scheduled games plus picnics. A per session fee of $12 is also available. New players paying for the full year ($48) receive an RMSS baseball cap. 


The Registration and Waiver page has  the Registration and Waiver form and details on options to submit your form.


SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to join the league after the season starts, contact a RMSS Board member or a Team Manager.  The Board members and team manager information is available on the Contact Us page.  A per game fee or a reduced season fee, based upon your start date, is offered.  


2023 season picnics are scheduled for 7/12 and 9/25. They are FREE to RMSS players and are great opportunities for fun and fellowship!! For more league and team information, click the tabs at the top of this page.

Standings and Team Rosters for each of the planned sessions will be posted as the season progresses.  Events/News is updated as RMSS has items to report.  Throughout the year the RMSS will send emails with events and news items as well.  Note  the More tab. Click this tab to see links to additional pages.  

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