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Start of Summer 2022 Season

Thu Apr 28 2022 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Senior Softball

We have had a lot of new players sign up this year to bring our number of players up to a level where we are going to 8 teams in Session 1.  It may be a little bit of a stretch on some days but we have too many players for 6 teams and 7 teams would require one team to have a bye each week.  So it will be 8 teams.  Tom (Cubbie) Kowaleski and Bob Hewitt will not be managing this session.  We thank you for your past contributions in serving the league as managers.  Replacing them will be Matt Halleck (Primetime Health) and a combo of Al DeLacey and Ed Butler (Eagles).  We thank them for stepping up.

We also have a number of players who have played with us in the past who are still getting our emails but have not registered for Session 1.  We want you back!  You can come back any time as a pool player. If you get registered on time before any session, you will be drafted to a team.  Our single session fee is only $12.

Our draft for Session 1 was held on April 27 and the rosters are posted on our web site.  Session 1 schedule is also posted.

Our first game is Mon, May 2.  Batting practice starts about 830, games start at 930.  We will be starting the games promptly at 930.  Please limit your batting practice swings to a maximum of 10.  Let's all help out to police this limit.  If you are a late arrival you may not get batting practice.  We will not be canceling games due to cold weather.  Scott Hanson has again stepped to be our field checker in the morning before games as needed.  Based on his input and the forecast an email will be sent by approximately 730 if the games will be cancelled.  If you do not  see an email, the games are on.  With 8 teams we will be using Fields 2,3,4 & 5.  3 4 & 5 are clustered around the pavilon/concession/bathrooms.  Field 2 is just east of the parking lot across from Longfellow school by the sand volleyball courts.  Please try to arrive little early on Monday to find your field, get your jersey, meet your manager and teammates.

Our rosters are tight with the move to 8 teams, so it is more important than ever that you remain flexible with player adjustments that may be required to balance the teams.  Also, please keep your manager informed of any known absences.  The sooner the better for planning purposes.

NEW PLAYERS - it's great to have you aboard with RMSS.  We have a player directory on our web site.  It's a great way to help you start putting names and faces together.  I was able to get some new player pictures at our limited practices.  If I have not taken your picture yet I will be looking for you.  The first few weeks please come to the pavilion when the first whistle blows if you are playing on Fields 3,4 or 5.   Field 2 players can catch me there when we both play there.  After the games in the parking lot also works. Make sure you check our rules/procedures .  If you have any questions check with your manager or someone on your team.

ALL PLAYERS - If you have any questions/concerns/comments we want to hear about them.  Bring them to your manager or an Executive Board member.  We want to make RMSS a great experience for everyone involved.

I had mentioned previously the possibility of a practice on Friday 4/29. The Friday practice will not be happening. NO PRACTICE on Friday.

Mike Ewen
RMSS Coordinator

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