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RCTC and Dome Mask Policy

Sat Mar 05 2022 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

RCTC and Dome Mask Policy


There have been some questions from players about what the mask policy is now that the Rochester mask mandate ended on February 7th, the Rochester Public School district made a change to their mask policy, and the CDC came out with new guidelines for mask use. Based on the new CDC guidelines, the RCTC President sent the following email to the RCTC Community this week explaining why the mask policy at RCTC and the dome will remain the same at this time.

I am also including under the email from the President, an email that came from Michael Sheggeby updating all rental groups as to what the mask policy will be until Olmsted County is no longer defined as high level. The policy remains the same as the policy RMSS has been following since we started playing in the dome the first week of February. We continue to inch closer to the day when we will no longer be required to wear a mask when we enter and exit the dome, or use the restroom in the entryway, but we aren't there yet. Please continue to wear your mask when entering and exiting the dome, or when you are in the entryway of the dome. And also remember to socially distance as you are "actively participating" in the game once you have entered the dome. Let's continue to stay safe and keep others safe.

Thank you,

Jim Goodman

Message from RCTC

Campus Community,

Thank you for your continued efforts in our fight against COVID-19.  As many of you heard last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new metric for measuring the COVID community transmission levels.  This new metric uses three key data points: 1) new COVID hospitalizations; 2) hospital capacity; and 3) new COVID-19 cases.  Using this new metric, many counties in Minnesota moved from high to medium or low; however, Olmsted County and many counties in southeast Minnesota remain under the high community level.  Because of that designation, RCTC will continue to enforce an indoor face covering (mask) mandate until Olmsted County is no longer defined as a high level. We do not take this decision lightly, nor do we want to continue with undue burdens, but it is our responsibility to do our part to maintain a healthy and safe learning and working environment.

Rochester Public School (RPS) vs. RCTC Policies: This week, the RPS Board announced a change to their masking policy, which now bases it on cases within individual schools.  Because CTECH is a stand-alone building used exclusively by District #535, the RPS policy will be followed in that building.  All other RCTC Campus buildings (Main, Heintz Center, Sports Center, and the Bubble) will follow the RCTC policy, including all external agencies housed in those buildings (i.e. P-Tech, DEED, WSU-R).

The data and guidance will continue to be monitored, and we’re hopeful to soon return to some form of normalcy. Again, we appreciate your resilience, flexibility, and patience as we all work to #protectthehive; and the best way to protect it is to get vaccinated, boosted, and get tested if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

If you have any questions, please email:


Jeffery S

Jeffery S. Boyd, Ed.D.


Rochester Community and Technical College

851 30th Ave. SE, Rochester, MN  55904 ~

RCTC will continue to enforce an indoor face covering (mask) mandate.

Dome Requirements:

  • Everyone is required to have a mask on when entering and leaving the dome and front entrance building

  • Participants must wear a mask while on the bench or not actively engaged in a practice, game or match.

  • All spectators over the age of 4 must be masked.

  • Coaches must wear a mask during game or match and if not actively participating in drills during a practice.

  • Officials must wear a mask when not officiating.

  • Renter is responsible to have a supply of masks for those that don’t bring one.

  • Renter is required to monitor and control this for all participants and spectators that are associated with the rental.

  • If mask monitoring/controls becomes an issue RCTC reserves the right to suspend rental(s) until issues are corrected.

If you have any questions, please email:



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