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McQuillian Park

September 08, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 11:20 am by League Coordinator Randy Kahl.


Board Members: Randy Kahl, Chuck Brand, Gary Oldenburg, Dave Warnke, Bill Sutter, Ben Borgen,

Ernie Hain, John Bowron, Joe Koerner, Jim Goodman, Jim Cook, Deb Warnke, Dave Zemke, Bill

VonWald and Bobette Pronk.

Guests: Mike Ewen.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: The Secretary’s report for the August 11, 2021 meeting was e-mailed

prior to the Board meeting for members to review. Motion made by Chuck Brand, seconded by Dave

Warnke and approved to accept the Secretary's Report.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Ernie Hain reported a balance of $3,381.48 in the RMSS

checking account. There is $1,470.66 in the Designated account and $1,975.83 in the surplus account.

Motion made by Gary Oldenburg, seconded by Chuck Brand and carried to approve the treasurer's report.


Joe reported that Peg Brand will help him with getting pictures taken.


Jim Cook reported on the picnic on September 27. After some discussion a motion was made by Gary

Oldenburg and seconded by Deb Warnke to go with Charlies for the food. Motion carried. Jim and Chuck

will contact Charlie and try to get the price around $10 per person.


Ben Borgen reported he will take the banners down off the fences today. He only has four of the new hats

left. There will not be a tournament in September due to low numbers. Hoping to have a Dome

tournament in January and February. No more Twins tickets available.


Bill Sutter reminded everyone that fielders need to be behind the light poles on every field. It was also

brought up if a player hits a home run, they don't need to go to first base. It was also visited once again

that courtesy runners from home need to have their lead foot on the white line and a arms length from the



1. Ernie reported we have 120 registered players with 18 being new players.

2. Audit Committee will consist of Neil, Casey and Gary.

3. Managers and equipment are all good except need new hooks for the top of the scoreboards.

4. Candidates for election on September 20 are 

  • Mike Ewen-League Coordinator

  • Bobette Pronk-Secretary

  • Ernie Hain-Treasurer

  • John Bowron-Equipment Coordinator

  • Gary Oldenburg-Field Coordinator

  • Rules and Safety-Bill Sutter

  • Joe Koerner-Web Coordinator

  • Chuck Brand and Gary Thomas-Publicity Directors

5. Picnic will be September 27. Managers should tell their sponsors.

6. Draft going well. Dave Zemke will draft a copy of the new method and present it at the October


7. Dave Zemke and Jim Goodman will be the Directors of Dome ball.

8. Dave Zemke is looking into organizing a golf outing.

Next meeting is October 13.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:10 pm by Chuck Brand seconded by Deb Warnke

and approved.

Respectfully submitted electronically,

Bobette Pronk

RMSS Secretary

Any comments or concerns regarding these minutes should be directed to the League

Coordinator. You are also encouraged to attend the RMSS board meetings to voice your

comments and concerns.

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