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Charlies Eatery

January 17, 2024

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by League Coordinator Jim Goodman.


Board Members: Jim Goodman, Chuck Brand, Melissa Doe, Gary Oldenburg, Ernie Hain, Deb

Warnke, Dave Warnke, Joe Koerner, Bill Gosse, Kent Bruinsma, Dave Zemke, Mike Wiest and

Bobette Pronk.

GUEST’S : Bill VonWald

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Motion by Gary Oldenburg, seconded by Chuck Brand to accept

the November 15, 2023 minutes. Motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ernie Hain reported a balance of $6,797.86 in the RMSS checking account, $2,043.87 in the designated account and zero amount in the non-designated fund. There was some discussion on the Dome Ball funds. All funds received go directly back to RCTC for Dome Ball. Will check with RCTC at end of the Dome Ball to see how we did. Motion made by Deb Warnke, seconded by Dave Zemke and passed to accept December report.


Bill Sutter was absent and had nothing to report.


Ben Borgen was absent but had sent things to Jim Goodman to discuss. 1. Told C&M he will be placing a order. Deb Warnke suggested we order new jerseys from some other company such as Trophy Store or Superior Screeners. Will have more discussion on a new vendor next month. 

2.  Willing to continue to order RMSS merchandise unless RMSS wants to do it.  3. Will not do anymore RMSS Dome tournaments.


Melissa Doe had nothing to report.


Joe Koerner reported some new hits to be website. Thanked Joe Kluck and Kent Bruinsma for their help.


1. Bill VonWald presented a proposal to have a casual league which would could consist of less competitive players within our current summer schedule. There would still be eight teams, rotate fields, etc. Could have former players come back possibly to play in this casual league. It was

decided to send out a survey to see how many would be interested. Dave Zemke volunteered to

help Jim Goodman get the survey out.


1. We will be using Roberts Rules in our 2024 meetings.

2. Jim Goodman will be reaching out to the Equipment and Picnic Committees. Need volunteers right now. Publicity Committee will still handle the picnic.


1. Jerseys/Boards/Player magnets. What to do with them. Bylaws currently state everything gets turned into Equipment Coordinator. Chuck Brand made a motion that managers take care of the equipment and amend the ByLaws. Deb Warnke seconded. Motion passed.

2. Jerseys-get back to ordering two sets of jerseys every year. Ernie Hain made a motion to buy two sets of jersey each year and a new team sponsor pay an additional $100 first year. Gary Oldenburg seconded the motion. Motion passed.

3. New hats for all prayers was dropped. We will continue to order new hats for new players only.

4. How to handle RMSS merchandise. Dave Zemke made a motion that all RMSS merchandise be prepaid by the player before ordering. Kent Bruinsma seconded the motion. Motion passed.

5. Position game playoffs. It was decided to eliminate playoff games.


2. Ernie Hain presented the budget for 2024. Gary Oldenburg made a motion to approve the

2024 budget. Chuck Brand seconded. Motion passed.

3. Audit team report. Ernie Hain reported on behalf of the committee by reading a email from

Joe Kluck dated November 19 that everything was in proper order. Dave Warnke made a motion to accept, seconded by Deb Warnke. Motion passed.

4. Jim Goodman handed out the 2024 Summer session schedule and the Activity Calendar for 2024. It was decided to end all sessions on a Wednesday so Jim will revamp the current schedule.

5. Sponsor fees and contacts. It was decided to keep fees at $300 per team sponsor, $200 for league sponsor and $400 for new team sponsor for the first year.

6. Player fees will stay the same as 2023 at $48. Eighty and older players will pay $24 as well as Board Members and managers.

7. Jim Goodman will contact Ben Boldt concerning field reservations for the summer.

8. Dave Warnke announced he is stepping down as manager of C&M. Jim will send a email out asking managers who might be interested. Casey Doe has indicated he might be interested. Jim Goodman will contact him.

9. Dave Zemke reported he purchased 16 eleven inch balls for $60. Motion by Deb Warnke, seconded by Gary Oldenburg to adjourn at 2:30 pm. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted electronically

Bobette Pronk,

RMSS Secretary

Any comments or concerns regarding these minutes should be directed to the League Coordinator. You are also encouraged to attend the RMSS board meetings to voice your comments and concerns.

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