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For those RMSS players that may not have heard, all RMSS players (aka "Grumpy Old Men and Women") have been challenged by Grand Slam Solutions (aka "The Young Guns") to an afternoon of softball at Soldiers Field Memorial Park on Saturday July 22, at high noon. The afternoon will begin with an hour of warmup and batting practice, followed by a team of "Grumpy Old Men" taking on the GSS "Young Guns" at 1 PM. This game will feature a group of top level RMSS players put together and managed by Bill Gosse. This will be a highly competitive team that will see how they match up to the Rochester "B" level talent of GSS.


After game one is finished, we anticipate having one or two other RMSS teams that can try their hand at playing the "Young Guns". These games will all be played following the RMSS motto of "fun, fitness and fellowship", but with that being said, the GSS team is a group of highly skilled young players brought together to play competitive tournaments in the area. We want to extend an invitation to all RMSS players that may be interested in playing on one of the teams that will face the GSS team, but want all RMSS players to also be aware of the possibilities of injury due to the age and talent level of the competition they will be facing.


I am looking for one or two RMSS players that would be interested in managing an RMSS team for one game against the GSS "Young Guns". Any RMSS player that is interested in playing in one of these games is asked to email me at, and I will add your name to the list of players for the managers to choose from. Players that do not wish to play in the games are also encouraged to come down to the field and cheer on the RMSS players.


The intent of playing these games is to try and attract more players to both the Rochester softball league and the RMSS league. It is anticipated that if these games go well and the overall event is deemed a success, there will be future games scheduled between the two teams which could possibly become a semi-annual event. This event is being held at Soldiers Field West, as many RMSS players can remember playing on this field in the past and the field holds many softball memories from years ago. Chuck Sibley, our very own RMSS player, will be at the field and capturing the sights and the sounds from the event for a possible story to be shown on the KTTC news at a later date.


Come on down and enjoy a day of sun and fun at the Soldiers Field West ballfield! I've spoken to our very own RMSS honorary chief meteorologist, Andy (my son), and he assures the sun is going to shine on both the RMSS "Grumpy Old Men" and the GSS "Young Guns". on this historic day...



Jim Goodman

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