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Salvation Army Red Kettle - Go To Bat !

Wed Dec 07 2022 20:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Salvation Army Red Kettle - Go To Bat

Holiday greetings to all!

The holiday season is upon us... A time for giving thanks for the many blessings that we have, and a time for helping those that may be needing just a little help to get through the holidays and the coming year. We have weathered a COVID storm for the past two years that has played havoc with our RMSS “Go To Bat” for the Salvation Army Red Kettle event, and this year we are returning to an event that will look very similar to events we were able to have prior to COVID. We are no longer “a dome softball team in search of a dome”, as the dome went up on time and RCTC has allowed us to bring our event back into the dome where we can truly “Go To Bat” once again for the Salvation Army.

Our main event will take place on Friday, the 16th, from 8 AM until noon as we will have a red kettle in the dome and a batting practice for our players and any spectators/family interested in experiencing the thrill of dome softball. Treats/snacks/beverages (non-alcoholic) will be provided by Julie and Dave Zemke and the generosity of their Thrivent Action Team. Plans are also in place to have Chuck Sibley (and Darian Leddy?) from KTTC join us in the dome to hit some softballs and get some footage and interviews to create a news story about the RMSS family and how we “Go To Bat” for the Salvation Army.

We will also have a red kettle in the dome next Monday and Wednesday, the 12th and 14th, from 8 AM until 11 AM for players to “Go To Bat” on those days if they are unable to make the main event on Friday. Any money we collect on Monday and Wednesday will be saved and added to the money we collect on Friday, and this grand total of all money collected for the week by RMSS will then be presented to Rebecca Snapp and the Salvation Army.

But the generosity of the RMSS family will not end there... Rebecca and the Salvation Army will then take that money and place it into the Mayo Clinic Red Kettle Match event that takes place December 16th and 17th, and the Mayo Clinic will be matching all donations made to the Salvation Army on those days up to $20,000.00. So, everything RMSS collects next Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be matched by the Mayo Clinic! What a great way for the RMSS family to truly give back to the community!

This is an excellent opportunity for RMSS to "Go To Bat" for the Salvation Army and the community once again. And RMSS will be hitting a "grand slam" positive impact by taking advantage of the Mayo Clinic offer to double their donation. Every little bit helps the Salvation Army "to do the most good" in our community.

I wish I could be in town to help y’all “Go To Bat”, but will instead be busy in Texas getting ready for my stepdaughter’s wedding.

Merry Christmas to all!

Jim Goodman

Senior Dome Softball Coordinator

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