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League Letter

Thu Jan 06 2022 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

RMSS League Letter 1/6/2022

Senior Softball

The new 2022 RMSS Board had our first meeting on Jan 3, 2022.  New board members are Mike Ewen, replacing Randy Kahl as League Coordinator and Gary Thomas replacing Jim Cooke  as Publicity Director.  Randy Kahl remains on the Board as Past Coordinator and Bill Von Wald’s role as Past Coordinator is terminated.  We thank Jim and Bill for all of their contributions to RMSS over the years.  All other Board members remain the same.

Our RMSS Board Meeting Minutes get published on our web site  but I felt our current financial situation and the changes we are making should be shared with all league members via an email.

Over the past 2 years RMSS has been operating at a deficit – we have spent more money than we have brought in.  Expenditures include field rental/prep, insurance, picnics, awards, equipment including balls, bats, jerseys, scoreboards, pitching screens, hats, team roster/lineup boards, chalk & liner, AED and first aid supplies, web site fees, memorial fund, league advertisement/recruitment, postal/printing expense.  We also had extra COVID costs primarily in 2020.  There are many necessary items we need to purchase and/or maintain which sometimes go unnoticed.

Our income is primarily from 2 sources - our 8 sponsor fees and player fees.  We appreciate the support from our sponsors – Edward Jones, Prime Time Health, C & M Screenprinting, Eagles Lounge, Black’s Automotive, Thrivent Financial, Shorewood Senior Campus and Charlie’s Eatery and Pub.  We also have had some fundraising events such as bartending at the DNR Pool Tournament and Pizza Ranch day.  These events have not taken place the last 2 years due to COVID.

We will need to purchase a new AED, targeted for 2024.  This will be a very large expense - $1500-$2000.  Our current AED also needs new pads.  It is critical we have an AED present and in working condition for our games.  We hope we never have to use it but we must be prepared.  For 2022 Park & Rec has also increased our field rental/prep fees so that is another cost bump for RMSS.

To help balance our income vs expenses the RMSS Board, after much discussion at the Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 Board meetings, has decided to make the following changes to generate more income.

Eliminate the early bird signup rate of $40.  Player fees for 2022 will be $48 for the year or $12 per session.  This $48 fee covers a hat for new players, 40 scheduled games and 2 scheduled picnics for 2022.  It’s a great entertainment/social value for your money.

Require RMSS Board members/managers to pay 50% of the yearly fee - $24 for 2022.  The Board members/managers were playing for free the last few years.  Previously the managers were typically given a $25 gift card for their service.

Require players age 80+ to pay 50% of the yearly fee - $24 for 2022.  Age 80+ players have been free for a very long time.  We understand this is a change for our older and most experienced players and the biggest change.  We sincerely hope our age 80+ players understand and accept this change.

Any eligible league player who has financial issues with the RMSS league fees/dues should contact the League Coordinator or any RMSS Board member to discuss a special dispensation.  These cases will be discussed individually and confidentially by the RMSS Executive Board and the result will be shared with the player.

Please contact myself or any Board member if you have concerns/comments on these changes.

Mike Ewen
RMSS League Coordinator

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