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Charlie's Eatery

October 13, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 am by League Coordinator Randy Kahl.


Board Members: Randy Kahl, Chuck Brand, Dave Warnke, Bill Sutter, Ben Borgen, Ernie Hain, John

Bowron, Joe Koerner, Jim Goodman, Jim Cook, Deb Warnke, Bill VonWald, Mike Ewen and Bobette


SECRETARY’S REPORT: The Secretary’s report for the September 08, 2021 meeting was e-mailed

prior to the Board meeting for members to review. Motion made by Deb Warnke, seconded by Ben

Borgen and approved to accept the Secretary's Report.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Ernie Hain reported a balance of $2,946.48 in the RMSS

checking account. There is $1,470.66 in the Designated account and $2,074.22 in the non-designated

account. We have our insurnace of around $320 outstanding yet. We have spent about $1,000.00 over our

budget with the softballs accounting for most of this. Motion made by Dave Warnke, seconded by Deb

Warnke and carried to approve the treasurer's report.


Joe reported that he has added a button on the website that will take one to Facebook to view that

information. He also reported that Lifetime Achievement page is now available.


Chuck Brand reported the last picnic went well. Several comments were made that we should always

have it catered if possible. A special thanks was expressed to Jim Cook for his dedication and hard work

on the committee over the years.


Ben Borgen reported he has another jacket order in and five hats on order that will be for sale. He also

reported on the Dome status. Same director as before. The college let out bids to contractors to set up the

Dome and the cheapest came back at $116,000. College said they will eat that cost and put the Dome up.


Bill Sutter had nothing to report.


Thrivent was the winner of the fourth session.


1. Election results on September 20 were: 

  • Mike Ewen-League Coordinator

  • Bobette Pronk-Secretary

  • Ernie Hain-Treasurer

  • John Bowron-Equipment Coordinator

  • Gary Oldenburg-Field Coordinator

  • Rules and Safety-Bill Sutter

  • Joe Koerner-Web Coordinator

  • Chuck Brand and Gary Thomas-Publicity Directors

2. There were 123 players during the summer with 18 being new ones. There was some discussion that

some players would rather play with nine players vs 14-16 players per team.

3. The picnic on September 27 cost the association $547.61 becaue Thrivent contributed $250.00 towards

the food.

4. Future events include Dome ball, D&R pool tournament plus a possibility of two others.

5. The Audit Committee will conduct the audit in December.

6. Ernie is planning around $400 for jerseys for next year. It was discussed to try to do one team a year.

Bats are fine for next year, do not need any new ones.

7. Motion made by Chuck Brand, seconded by Deb Warnke to accept and use the draft process that is on

the website.

8. Motion made by Dave Warnke, seconded by Ben Borgen to pay Dave Zemke for the renting of the PA

system used for the picnic.

9. A thank you was expressed to Dave Zemke for the great golf outing. Approximately 23 golfed.

10. Randy needs to change signage for the debit card to Mike Ewen.

11. Motion made by Dave Warnke, seconded by Ben Borgen and approved to not have a meeting in


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:15 pm by Chuck Brand, seconded by Ben and approved.

Respectfully submitted electronically,

Bobette Pronk

RMSS Secretary

Any comments or concerns regarding these minutes should be directed to the League

Coordinator. You are also encouraged to attend the RMSS board meetings to voice your

comments and concerns.

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