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Charlies Eatery

March 21, 2024

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by League Coordinator Jim Goodman.


Board Members: Jim Goodman, Melissa Doe, Deb Warnke, Kent Bruinsma, Gary Thomas, Ben

Borgen, Mike Ewen, Joe Koerner, Tom Kowalewski, Randy Stocker and Bobette Pronk.

GUEST’S : Bill VonWald, Joe Kluck and John Bowron

SECRETARY’S REPORT: The Secretary's report for the February 21, 2024 meeting was

emailed in pdf format prior to the Board meeting for members to review. Motion made by Deb

Warnke, seconded by Ben Borgen and approved to accept the Secretary's Report.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer's report for the February 21, 2024 meeting was

emailed in pdf format prior to the Board meeting for members to review. In Ernie Hain's absence

Jim Goodman presented the end of month balances and RMSS current account balances at the

meeting. Checking account $8,191.15 and designated funds $1,795.35. There are 38 registrations

so far for the 2024 Summer league. Motion made by Ben Borgen, seconded by Deb Warnke and

approved to accept the Treasurer's Report.


Bill Sutter was absent and had nothing to report.


Ben Borgen showed everyone the koozies he purchased for the D&R Pool Tournament. Jerseys

are finished for C&M and Edward Jones. There are still Twins tickets available from the first

batch he received. D&R Pool Tournament is April 18-20 with a number of volunteers signed up

to help. We have been asked to help out this summer at some senior tournaments being held in

Rochester. Five volunteers have already signed up to help.


Melissa Doe reported that she has put several flyers up around town. A template will be put

together as to what our organization is about to be used at speaking programs.


Joe Koerner reported that he will be focusing on the summer program after the Dome schedule is

done. He also reported that most of the visits to the website are from computers. Our cost to

renew our website subscription is $348 for two years.


1. Randy Stocker proposed to the Board that we have an All-Star softball game on June 26 at

Soldiers Field as part of Rochesterfest. It would be a nine inning game with breaks every three

innings. Motion made by Kent Bruinsma, seconded by Gary Thomas to have a All Star Softball

game. Motion passed.

2. Randy also talked about the Rochesterfest Family Fun days. Possibilities would be a pitching

contest, former Twins player to sign autographs, drawing for four Twins tickets, and hand out

Twins baseball cards. Will need 4-6 people from 5-8:30 pm on Thursday, June 27 and 4-6:00 pm

on Saturday, June 29.Motion made by Kent Bruinsma, seconded by Deb Warnke to do the fun

night on Saturday evening. Motion passed.

3. Randy also reported that the band Sequoia South is all set for our summer picnic June 26

starting around 11:30-12:00. We will pass the hat to help pay for the band. A $100 permit is

required by Park and Rec and that money will come out of the picnic fund to have the band play.


1. Jim Goodman reported he had a good response to his email about volunteering for committees. The audit committee will consist of Eric Huntoon, Dennis Essler and Kerry Orton. The picnic committee will have Colleen Hoeft, Ben Borgen, Brian Mandler and Ed Butler. The equipment committee has Willis Goll. Field checker will be Scott Hanson.


4. Bylaws update under Article 5 and 6. Under Article 5 will strike out “They shall work with the

Team Managers to properly allocate team jerseys and collect them again at the end of the

season”. Will also strike out team jerseys and caps from the last line in Article 5. In Article 6:

Section 2: Team Managers shall be responsible for team jerseys, player/game boards, and player

name magnets throughout the season and the offseason. They shall allocate team jerseys to

drafted team members at the start of each session and collect them again at the end of each

session. At the end of each season, the team managers shall provide an inventory list of team

jerseys to the Assistant Coordinators. Motion made by Deb Warnke, seconded by Ben Borgen

and carried.

5. Motion by Kent Bruinsma, seconded by Bobette Pronk to approve the following team

managers: Bill Gosse-Shorewood Senior Campus; Casey Doe-Edward Jones; Chuck Brand-

Black's Automotive; Dave Zemke-Thrivent/Bob's construction (Session 2, 3 and 4); Deb Warnke-

Charlie's Eatery and Pub; Ed Butler-Eagles; Jim Chihak-Prime Time Health (Session 1); Mike

Wiest-Prime Time Health (Session 2, 3 and 4); Randy Stocker-C&M Screenprinting and Tom

Kowalewski-Thrivent/Bob's Construction (Session 1). Motion carried.

6. Jim Goodman made some changes to the 2024 Activity Calendar and Schedule. Joe Koerner

will put on the website.

7. Ben Borgen gave the new summer Casual Division report the committee worked on. It was

decided that more discussion is needed for a runner to first base. Need to send out to players as

soon as possible to know where we stand with the number of players for the Casual Division.

Ben will update the proposal and Jim Goodman will send out the email.

8. Bobette Pronk brought the dates of May 18-19 to work the fields at the RYFSA tournament.

Ben Borgen made a motion to work the fields May 18-19, Gary Thomas seconded. Motion was



1. Edward Jones, Prime Time, Charlie's, C&M, Bobs Construction/Thrivent and Shorewood

have all paid their sponsor fees so far. Ben will talk to Eagles. Dave Zemke will contact Black's.

Haven't heard from All Pro Pavers and Retaining Walls yet.

2. Summer registration and sign up dates have been posted. Ernie Hain will be at the Dome and

Eagles on those days.

3. Joe Koerner will be make the website update to summer softball.

4. Equipment and supplies order – Ken Bruinsma has picked up everything that John Bowron

had which included 14 dozen balls. Kent will regrip two of the bats. We also have two dozen of

the 11 inch balls.

5. Rules and Procedures update – Some clean up needs to be done concerning Monday and

Wednesday players. Put on hold for now.

6. A template will be put together to describe what our organization is about and what we do.

Next board meeting is April 17.

Motion made by Kent Bruinsma and seconded by Gary Thomas to adjourn at 2:30 pm. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted electronically

Bobette Pronk,

RMSS Secretary

Any comments or concerns regarding these minutes should be directed to the League Coordinator. You are also encouraged to attend the RMSS board meetings to voice your comments and concerns.

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