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Charlie's Eatery 

March 22, 2023 

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 pm by League Coordinator Mike Ewen. 


 Board Members: Mike Ewen, Chuck Brand, Ernie Hain, Jim Goodman, Gary Oldenburg, John Bowron, Dave Warnke, Joe Koerner, Randy Kahl, Al Delacy, Gary Thomas, Ben Borgen and Bobette Pronk. 


Joe Kluck, Bill Miller and Mike Weist. 

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Report received. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Ernie Hain reported a balance of $7,371.01 in the RMSS checking account. There is $1,862.39 in the designated account. $500 still outstanding for the fences at RCTC Dome and $600 is for the last two years for the AED. Report received. 


Will meet March 28 and bring recommendations to next meeting. 


Ben Borgen reported that April 20-24 is the D&R pool tournament. We will work in both arenas. Second Dome softball tournament is scheduled for March 23-24. Need more ice packs for the tournament. Mike Ewen will bring some. Ben will order 15 more hats and five visors. He has asked for 300 Twin tickets which is still under review. 


Chuck Brand reported he and Gary are ordering new posters and new business cards.  


Joe Koerner reported has been working on a QR Code that will be included on the new business cards and flyers. The website is defaulting to the summer schedule from the Dome schedule. Working on draft list. Joe Kluck has been a big help to the website committee. 


1. Gary Thomas reported that 16 oz coolies have now been handed over to Al DeLacy to be sewn. He is making 50 to be sold at the pool tournament. 

2. No news from Mike Podein on the AED. 

3. The LAA Process was discussed and one suggestion was to make plaques instead of trophies. 

4. Form equipment volunteers are Dave Zemke and Mike Weist. Picnic committee helpers are Deb Warnke and Joe Koerner. Audit committee is Mike Ewen, Eric Huntoon and Dennis Essler. Managers committee is Mike Weist. 

5. First Aid kits, no news. 

6. Field 4 pitching screen repair is still to be done by Gary Oldenburg. 


1. Jim Goodman reported on the Draft/Pool committee. One question that was raised is what we do with regular players after pool players are picked. Talked about some of the changes which one included the LAA players. Need to get it documented. Mike Ewen will determine what should go on the website. Members present agreed to the report. 

2. Postion game/playoffs. Mike Ewen reported he received 78 actual votes. Forty-two wanted a playoff, thirty-six wanted to keep it the way it is. Of the 42,16 wanted a playoff with two rounds, 26 wanted a one round playoff. Based on input it was decided to go back to one position game; one vs 2, etc. 

3. Sponsor Commitments/fees-Shorewood, C&M and Eagles have not paid. Ben has commitment from C&M and will get their check. Ben will talk to Eagles. Bill Beaupre will talk to Shorewood. 

4. Designated Fund needs to be added to the Bylaws. Mike Ewen updated the recommendation. Title should say Bank Accounts. Voted to add RMSS Bank Accounts to bylaws. 5.Team Managers-Ed Butler, Matt Halleck, Dave Warnke, Bill Gosse, Chuck Brand, Deb Warnke, Jim Goodman and Dave Zemke. Looking for a replacement for Dave Zemke. Bobette will ask Patric Thusius if he will manage. 

6. Media and Recruitment Plan-Gary Thomas and Chuck Brand will order new business cards and flyers. They have now added a QR Code on the cards. Chuck reported that the banner at the Rec Center seems to have paid off. 

7. Shirt, hat and banner order. Ben will order 15 more hats and five visors. C&M will do a demo shirt for us to review. We will be able to order directly from C&M once we decide. He will order new shirts for Blacks and Edward Jones which was approved by the Board. 

8. Asset List-Mike will send out the list to the Equipment Committee. 

9. Exhibition game between the Young Guns and RMSS will be April 22 at Noon at Soldiers Field. Rain date is April 23. Jim Goodman will check to see who is going to make sure the field is ready. Jim will follow up on things. Board approved to go ahead with the game. 


1. Registration form is on the website. Ernie has received 47 so far. 

2. Joe Koener reported that the website is transitioning from Dome ball to summer ball. 

3. Equipment and supplies order. John Bowron will order another two cases of balls. Bats are good. 

4. Sign up dates are scheduled for the Eagles on March 29 from Noon to 2:00 pm. Joe Koerner and Ernie Hain will coordinate that day. Ben Borgen will be at the Eagles April 3 from 11:30 until 1:00. End of registration is April 19. 

5. Spring training tenatively set for April 5 at McQuillian. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm. 

Respectfully submitted electronically, 

Bobette Pronk 

RMSS Secretary 

Any comments or concerns regarding these minutes should be directed to the League Coordinator. You are also encouraged to attend the RMSS board meetings to voice your comments and concerns.

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