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Charlie's Eatery

December 8, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by League Coordinator Randy Kahl.


Board Members: Randy Kahl, Chuck Brand, Bill Sutter, Ben Borgen, Ernie Hain, John Bowron, Joe Koerner, Jim Goodman,  Jim Cook, Deb Warnke, Bill VonWald, Mike Ewen, Gary Thomas,  Tom Kowalewski, Gary Oldenburg, Dave Zemke, and Bobette Pronk.

GUESTS: Bill Miller, Bill Beaupre and Neil Melquist.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:   The Secretary’s report for the October 13, 2021 meeting was e-mailed prior to the Board meeting for members to review.  Motion made by Deb Warnke, seconded by Jim Goodman and approved to accept the Secretary's Report.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Treasurer Ernie Hain reported a balance of $2,562.87 in the RMSS checking account. There is $1,470.66 in the Designated account and $2,077.22 in the non-designated account. One outstanding bill. Ernie has turned in the audit information. Audit committee meeting after the regular meeting.  Motion made by Ben Borgen, seconded by Dave Zemke and carried to approve the treasurer's report.


Joe Koerner reported that the Lifetime Achievement page is now available.


Chuck Brand is checking into putting banners at Graham Arena and Rec Center. Ben said he would talk to someone at the Rec Center.


Ben Borgen reported that there will be a D&R Pool Tournament April 21-23. He talked to Twins communication coordinator and we will get more Twins tickets next year.


Bill Sutter had nothing to report.


The debit card has been transferred from Randy to Mike.


1. Audit Committee will be meeting right after the meeting.

2. Ernie reported that the surplus of money in the checking account is starting to go down. Dave Zemke made a motion that all players, including Board members, pay $48 to play next year with no early bird discount and players over the age of 80 pay $24. Motion seconded by Bill VonWald and approved.

3. It was decided to put a line item in the Budget for $20.00 for PayPal costs.

4. It was reported that the AED is out of warranty. John will check with Gordy on getting new pads. It was decided to put a line item in the Budget over the next three years to accommodate purchasing a new AED.

5. Mike Ewen will work on the Activity Calendar for 2022.

6. We then spent several minutes discussing Dome Ball. The RCTC Dome is not up yet and we cannot get any answers when or if it will be up. Talked about playing at the Austin Dome and the Dundas Dome. It seemed more people were interested in playing at the Austin Dome. Jim Goodman showed a survey that Dave Zemke had put together to send out to see how many players would want to play. After firming up more information concerning costs, times, etc. Jim will send out the survey.

7. Joe Koerner will put on the website that Dome Ball is on hold right now.

8. Gary Oldenburg suggested we spend $1,000 out of designated fund to go to a charity.

Ben Borgen made a motion to spend $500, Dave Zemke seconded. Gary Oldenburg amended

to spend $1,000. Motion died for lack of second. The original motion was approved.

Jim Goodman will check with Salvation Army to see when Mayo Clinic has their

matching funds day to coordinate our giving to that date. Dave Zemke talked about having

our Going to Bat at Charlies like we did at the Dome.

9. Randy thanked everyone for their support while he has been League Coordinator.

10. Next meeting is January 5, 2022.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:50 pm by Ernie, seconded by Deb and approved.

Respectfully submitted electronically,

Bobette Pronk

RMSS Secretary

Any comments or concerns regarding these minutes should be directed to the League Coordinator. You are also encouraged to attend the RMSS board meetings to voice your comments and concerns.

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