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Session 2 Picnic

Fri Jun 25 2021 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

July 14, 2021, End of Session 2 Picnic ANNOUNCEMENT

Senior Softball

Fri, Jun 25, 10:47 AM (1 day ago)

Time for our first post- Covid RMSS summer season picnic -> after July 14 (end of Session 2 games). We’ll include recognition of our 15th year “in business.”

Let’s Celebrate and see if anyone can share some of their experiences over the past 15 years of being associated with our RMSS league. Significant others, friends and family are also invited to the picnic.

Since our board is out of practice with hosting picnics, we are going with “minimal” preparation and cleanup efforts for this picnic. Our “main course” will be pizza slices. RMSS players are asked to bring side dishes. See below what the RMSS league itself will provide (including 15 Years Anniversary Cake) and what league players are asked to provide.

RMSS itself provides:

·  Pizzas for “main course!”

·  15 Years Anniversary Cake

·  Buckets of Ice Cream, Ice Cream Scoops

·  Bottles of water bottles and cans of soda

·  Coolers with ice for water and soda

·  Hand sanitizer

·  Napkins, paper plates and bowls, plastic forks, spoons. and knives

·  Garbage bags


·  Side dishes, preferably non-desserts

·  Their own alcoholic beverages


1. League players associated with each Team or League Sponsor (i.e., those who asked for/received team/league sponsorship money) are asked to invite their sponsor contacts to the McQUILLAN Fields Shelter at approximately 11:15 AM. We will have a short ceremony expressing our appreciation of their support.  They are invited to share our food and beverages.

2. Iffff you know how to contact some now “re-tired” RMSSers, please invite them.

3. FYI, right now, based upon experience with most recent years’ picnics, we don’t plan on any after eating picnic activities. Most folks had left soon after dessert was over.

Chuck Brand Jim Cook Randy Kahl

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