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Pinch Runner Rule & Hot & Humid Tomorrow

Sun Jun 19 2022 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Senior Softball 

At the RMSS Board meeting on 6/15 we had a discussion on pinch runners.  It was agreed we need to reiterate our pinch runner rule, consistently enforce the rule and eliminate the practice of putting pressure on a player to get a pinch runner.

Here is our Pinch Runner rule from the Rules section of the web site.

Pinch Runners

A team may use an unlimited number of pinch runners, but a player may only pinch run once an inning.  provided the ball is put in play (strikeouts do not count).  The exception will be if a walk occurs. Then a player can run as often as they'd like. A pinch runner is defined as a player running for a batter or for another base runner.  A runner is defined as someone running in the event of a walk. For a regular walk, the runner will take 1st base and any others on base will advance to the next base if applicable. If the walk is intentional, the runner goes to the empty base. Pinch runners will be allowed from the back screen for the batter. The pinch runner will be positioned behind the batter within arms length of the fence and with the lead foot on a line extending from home plate that runs directly from the pitcher's mound to home plate to the fence. The pinch runner will not break for first base until the ball has been batted.

If a pinch runner is on base when his turn to bat comes up he can be replaced by another runner.

Bottom line - a player can only run from home for a batter OR replace a runner already on base once per inning.  Strikeouts do not count since the pinch runner never had the opportunity to run.  Walks also do not count.

It is each player's choice to run for themselves or get a pinch runner.  This is a personal choice and should not be influenced by others. The only player asking another player if they want a pinch runner should be that player's manager.  Ideally, players wanting a pinch runner should inform their manager prior to the game.  This allows the manager to develop a pinch runner strategy with their roster for that particular game.  We do not want non-managers asking players if they want a pinch runner.  This occurs too often and many times by multiple players, especially late in a close game. This can be intimidating to that player and can even be considered a form a bullying.  We only want the player themselves to ask for a pinch runner or their manager to ask the player if they want a pinch runner.

With our limited rosters and often playing with a minimum number of players, fast pinch runners are often at a premium.  This does not mean we can bend the rules.  Managers draft their teams with batting, fielding and running considerations in mind.  It is up to the manager to make good pinch runner decisions during the game with their available game day roster.

We wanted all players to be knowledgeable of the rule so they are aware of their manager's choices during the games.

On a separate note, just a reminder, it will be HOT and HUMID tomorrow at our games.  Bring some water and/or a sports drink for during the games and keep hydrated.  Adult beverages consumed AFTER the games in the parking lot obviously have no effect during the games.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads.  I hope you had a great day and enjoy the rest of your evening.

RMSS Coordinator
Mike Ewen

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