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Charlie's Eatery

March 17, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 12:35 pm by President Randy Kahl.


Board Members: Randy Kahl, Chuck Brand, Gary Oldenburg, Dave Warnke, Deb Warnke, Bill Sutter, Bill Gosse, Tom Kowalewski, Ben Borgen, Ernie Hain, John Bowron, Joe Koerner, Mike Ewen, Dave Zemke, and Bobette Pronk.

Guests: Al Delacy, Bruce Schmoll, Gary Benike, Bill Beaupre, Christine Richardt, Todd Holtorf, Tom Wymore, Doug Johnson and Jerry Nelson.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:   The Secretary’s report for the February 17, 2021 meeting was e-mailed prior to the Board meeting for members to review.  Motion made by Ben Borgen, seconded by Chuck Brand and approved to accept the Secretary's Report.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Treasurer Ernie Hain reported a balance of $4,996.21 in the RMSS account. There is $55.66 in the Designated account. Seven sponsors have paid and he has two dozen registrations for 2021.  Motion made by Gary Oldenburg, seconded  by Ben Borgen and carried to approve the treasurer's report.


Joe Koerner reported that on March 31 RMSS will have a new website under Vista Print. Everything will automatically be moved. The Dome ball website will be affected and a note will go out concerning this. A motion was made by Chuck Brand and seconded by Bill Sutter and carried to put an additional $100.00 under the website budget. Al Delacy volunteered to be Joe's backup for the website.


Ben reported that 120 new hats are available with the new 15 year logo. He showed the group the new Prime Time jerseys. The pool tournament is this weekend and more help is needed, especially need help on Saturday. Also reported has sold some merchandise.


Bill Sutter reported nothing new.


1. Chuck Brand passed around the new logo for the jackets. A motion was made by Ben Borgen and seonded by Deb Warnke to accept the new logo. Chuck also passed around the new logo for the posters and reported that we now own the logo files.

2. The following sponsors payments have been received: C&M, Ben Borgen handled; Prime Time, Shorewood and Edward Jones Bill Beaupre handled; Charlies Eatery Deb Warnke handled; Thrivent and Black's Auto Dave Zemke will handle. Ernie Hain will contact Eagles.


1. The new caps went over budget by $180. Motion made by Chuck Brand and seconded by Deb Warnke and carried to cover the $180 over budget.

2. Ernie Hain reported registration forms are now available for the 2021 season. He has already received a few back.

3. Team Managers for the 2021 season at this time are Bill Gosse, Dave Warnke, Deb Warnke, Dave Zemke, Chuck Brand and Tom Kowalewski.

4. It was reported that Tom Kadlec would be interested in being a sponsor. Randy will pursue this further.

5. Dome ball is going well. Have played 25 days, 72 hours averaging $22/hour. The college is doing a good job of checking everyone in.

6. Deb has the old Prime Time jerseys and will give the better ones back to Prime Time for their use.

7. New sponsors will be asked to pay $400.00

8. Dave Zemke brought up to think about having all the sponsor's names on the back of each shirt and have the same shirts for each team.

Next meeting April 14 at 12:00 pm.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:15 pm by Deb Warnke, seconded by Dave Warnke and approved.

Respectfully submitted electronically,

Bobette Pronk

RMSS Secretary

Any comments or concerns regarding these minutes should be directed to the League Coordinator. You are also encouraged to attend the RMSS board meetings to voice your comments and concerns.

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